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Smart Enterprises are unleashing Process Automation tools and Artificial Intelligence solutions to not only make their workforce relevant for business processes but also overcome operational and technical vulnerabilities endangering their existence in the midst of growing competition. Equipped with the latest Cognitive Robotic processes, enterprises are able to reduce human errors bound to happen in manual work processes, automate rules-based processes with the combination of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), big data, speech recognition technologies and deep neural networks.

Our AI service capabilities, enables your entire organization to be “always-on” , optimizing operations to provide you seamless business continuity .

What We Do

Robotic process Automation

Streamline your complex business processes with Robotic process automation to increase employee productivity and deliver satisfying customerr experience. At DCM we Build a forward-looking RPA strategy, implementing technological tools, automating processes, and integrating platforms and services. We ensure you achieve a new level of operational excellence with both attended as well as unattended Robotic Process Automation services. Read More

Business process Automation

Do you want to remove redundant workflows, increase efficiency for internal customer processes, or save on operational costs or time? If yes, then it’s time for you to harness the power of business automation services. DCM Infotech introduces Business Process Automation Services to develop customized services that aims at cost-efficient, streamlined and error-free solutions. Our services include business automation consulting as well as implementation and evolution of business automation solutions. These services are aimed at improving business processes and overall business productivity. Read More

IT process Automation

Automation is key to IT optimization and digital transformation. Modern, dynamic IT environments need to be able to scale faster than ever and IT automation is vital to making that happen. Our IT process automation services will transform your IT service desk and infrastructure operations by boosting your overall IT team’s productivity and ensuring high availability of its services to its customers. Explore our comprehensive IT automation solutions and empower your organization with agility, cost savings, and a competitive edge. Read More

How we do

DCM Automation experts , partner with clients around the world to transform and manage functional and industry-specific processes to achieve intelligent digital operations. These services rely on AI, process automation and advanced technologies to help deliver higher-quality processes to lower cost with less risk. They address the four fundamental steps of process design:

  1. Assess business process workflow and redesign
  2. Select automation technologies and determine how they fit with the enterprise architecture
  3. Deploy accelerated proofs of concept using specific-automation solutions
  4. Integrate AI to create self-healing and automatic processes and provide business insights

What You Get

  • Plan, pilot and scale - Scale automation to rapidly create resilience and flexibility across your business workflows.
  • Reduce Manual errors  - Manual data entry is prone to human errors. Automation ensures consistent quality in your data entry.
  • Augment your workforce - Improve business continuity and efficiency with digital labor.
  • Modernize operations - Work on the workflows that are more predictive, adaptive and automated with real time data
  • Lower cost and expenditure - Automating processes like data entry, approval workflows, document management, and financial processes reduces waste and saves you hundreds of hours and money.
  • Superior customer experience - Providing a superior customer experience helps you stay competitive. Automation prevents customer frustration and inconvenience by ensuring they access information quickly. 

Why DCM automation Partnership

In this age of digital disruption, change is more prevalent than ever. To keep pace and gain an edge, transform your business. What better way than pairing automation in your processes with DCM automation experts:

  • Workflow Automation solutions and alliances - based on ready-to-use platforms and solutions like IBM RPA, Automation Anywhere 360, ServiceNow, IBM Instana , IBM Turbonimics and others
  • Custom Solutions and services – tailored specifically to a company process automation needs
  • Domain Expertise  - understanding the core of industry and function specific automation use cases


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