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DCM History

The origin of DCM dates back to 1889, when Delhi Cloth & General Mills was established as an integrated Textile mill in Delhi. Over the years, the DCM Group became one of India’s largest conglomerates, with a large number of companies/ divisions, reputed for their product quality, dynamism and business integrity. DCM expanded and diversified into a number of manufacturing activities such as information technology, textiles, sugar, chemicals, rayon, tyre cord, fertilizers, grey iron castings, etc. The name of the company was changed in 1983 to DCM Limited.

Today, DCM is headed by Dr. Vinay Bharat Ram, a noted economist, author, musician and industrialist. He has been past president of The Harvard Club of Delhi and Manufacturers Association of Information Technology, ex-member of International Council of Asia Society, New York, U.S.A. and was also honored with the National Citizen Award for Entrepreneurship by the Prime Minister of India.

DCM now operates in the areas of automotive engineering products, information technology, cotton yarn and real estate. Since inception, DCM has built its corporate philosophy synonymous with corporate dynamism and business integrity. 

The DCM Group has been known for promoting arts, theatre, culture, education, music and sports. The Sri Ram Center for Art & Culture has been regularly holding theatre and music performances and is committed to the promotion of arts and culture in India. The Sri Ram Center for Industrial relations and Human Resources is active in the field of Industrial relations, human resource management and rural labour development. Promotion of education at the school and graduate level has been a key initiative of the Group and a number of Institutions known for excellence have been setup. 

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