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Managed Services

Our Managed IT Services program provides a cost effective, flexible and scalable framework to support your company’s IT requirements. Our programs are designed to maximize return on your investments in technology and allow you to keep your focus on growing your business.

Our service portfolio is designed to help businesses improve efficiency and effectiveness of their IT operations by using tools & scripts for automation and standardized processes.  We mesh our ITIL knowledge base with the processes of the customer to achieve the customers quality standards.

Why Choose Us?
The quality and reliability of our services can be gauged from the fact that more than 85% of our business comes from repeat clients, some of whom have been our customers for more than a decade. 


  • We provide onsite and offshore 24x7x365 IT Infrastructure support to our customers
  • Our service delivery team ensures that our customers achieve uptime of upto99.99%.
  • Our services are cost effective and customers enjoy reduced IT service delivery costs.
  • Delivery model is flexible and customized to your needs
  • We offer a high bandwidth of technical know-how and expertise on multiple skills and Technology platforms, competent to meet customer needs.

Managed IT Services

Our Managed IT Services Range from:

Data Center Management 

Customers today are no longer bothered about their infrastructure being available.  They are bothered about their “service” being available. Over the last decade multibillion dollar enterprises have entrusted their IT infrastructure &  operations  for ensuring that their IT services are available to the business users.Read More 

Database Management

With more and more organizations using Hybrid cloud databases reside on different setups and have to be tuned and managed for environements on both private cloud and public cloud for  Read More 

Network Management

We provide continuous, real-time visibility into infrastructure delivery services and network services that are critical to the availability and performance of business applications. We manage end to end Networks and help in detecting faults proactively.Read More

Application Management

Application Performance Management is highly critical for running a successful business.  As the enterprises are using multiple technologies  like SAP, JAVA, DotNet along with multiple platforms like Windows and Linux with variety of databases and middleware, it is extremely difficult to identify where the bottleneck exists. Read More

Remote Infrastructure Management

Companies look at public cloud to help them become more agile and reduce costs. Our RIM services help customer get industrialized services in a cost effective way.Read More

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