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In today’s competitive environment costs get questioned at every stage. Hiring manpower on the rolls of the company can be an expensive proposition which gets further compounded due to added costs of training employees on the newer technologies.DCM can help meet your IT workforce requirements, through a comprehensive array of outsourcing and staffing services on a temporary or temp-to-hire basis. Our employees today handle mission critical functions at various customer locations.  

The strength of DCM lies in its highly skilled, experienced, certified pool of resources and its time tested delivery mechanism. We have a satisfied client base due to our elaborate hiring procedure, which involves multiple interviews, written tests and detailed background and reference checks. In addition our facility for providing state of art training and hands on experience on our internal projects enables us to provide the best ready-to-deploy resources to our clients. 
The company follows a very elaborate and formal mechanism, to oversee the administration of services of the onsite engineers, by deputing assignment managers, who ensure proper delivery, resolve client and employee issues and any other matter that may need attention.   
Our Training Competency Center spends substantial amount of time in selecting, recruiting, training and improving the skills of the technical resources so as to enable them to operate in the highly competitive IT Infrastructure domain.  Dedicated Training Infrastructure exists including  two training Labs, servers with different operating systems, different SAN environments, different backup systems for providing comprehensive training to employees.
Our offerings include:
  • Staffing: Pre-Selects – Based on your JDs we shortlist candidates for you to choose from, reducing the load on your technical and HR teams
  • DCM HTD: A value added offering to ensure that attrition is kept near zero and costs of manpower are also curtailed
  • DCM BOOT: This is an offering focused on companies who are setting up their operations in India and need only a few resources in IT for supporting the operations during the launch phase.  We create the complete team for you.  This team operates in your premises but is managed by us.  When you see the need to transfer, we give out the complete running staff to you thereby ensuring minimum transition challenges.
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